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Making your life easier, one SIM at a time
Google added dual-SIM support on its Pixel phones way back in 2019 with the release of Android 10. However, it took the company two years to get around to announcing multiple SIM card support in Android Auto. A couple of months later, the feature finally seems to be rolling out to Android Auto users.
If you have dual SIM cards on your phone, you will get an option to select the SIM card from which the call should be made when using Android Auto. This was not the case previously, as Android Auto defaulted to the primary SIM for making calls. The rollout seems to be a staged one from Google, with a Reddit user who first spotted the feature getting it on app version 7.1.614554 as a part of the beta program.
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For some users, the same version is showing up as the release build of Android Auto on the Play Store. Whatever the case might be, it should only be a matter of time before Android Auto gains dual-SIM support on your device. You can also check for and install any updates to the Android Auto app to see whether it adds the functionality or not.
Almost all major Android smartphones sold nowadays feature either two physical SIM card slots or have eSIM support for dual-SIM functionality. Given how popular Android Auto has become in recent years, it was about time Google added this capability.
Very few users have been able to access it so far, though
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