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Family Bell is an alarm feature on Android that makes it easy to set reminders, helping to keep everyone aware of what needs to happen and when.
Owners of Android phones can wrangle everyone in the house more easily than ever by using Google’s Family Bell feature. A simple alarm can be confusing since there isn’t any context about why it’s sounding. It could be a reminder about the cake in the oven or taking out the trash. However, Google’s feature makes it clear what each alarm is for, keeping everyone on the same page.
The whole reason for Google Assistant is to make life easier for the user. It’s one of the few nameless artificial intelligence systems on the market and that’s quite refreshing. The Siri and Alexa assistants used by Apple and Amazon aren’t really friends or family members. In fact, they aren’t even human. That makes Google’s use of the more generic and computer-like Assistant stand out as having the role of just that, an assistant that helps get things done more easily, taking over some chores that would otherwise rest with the user.
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One of Google Assistant’s best features for medium to large families is Family Bell, a reminder list that’s easy to set up in order to help get everyone on the same page and control the chaos without running around the house or shouting over movies and games. Family Bell can include one or more repeating alarms that sound on selected Google and Nest smart speakers, as well as Android phones and tablets. The feature is part of Google Assistant, but is easily found by opening the Settings app and searching for ‘Family Bell’.
Google provides a few Family Bell activities that are preset to help get started. For example, the bedtime bell can be added simply by tapping the Add button. The title and list of tasks below can be customized to match the user’s bedtime routine and Google Assistant will speak the title after sounding an alarm, followed by each task, one at a time, and waiting for confirmation before moving on to the next. For smaller children, a detailed list might be helpful, while older kids and adults might not appreciate getting micro-managed.
Google’s bedtime bell is preset to weekdays at a particular time but can be adjusted to any schedule. Which devices the reminder will sound on is also customizable. As helpful as the bedtime bell is, others can be added to help manage family chores, getting ready for school, dinner time, and more. A custom bell can be set up by tapping the Add A Bell button near the top of the page. With a little planning and adjustment, Android’s Family Bell will be able to remind everyone of everything, somewhat easing the burden of organizing the family.
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